Red Paddle Co. RIDE Boards

RIDE boards come in three different sizes, ranging from a shorter 9’8” board to 10’8” depending on the size of the rider. These boards are all-rounders for the most part, great for those who are just beginning in the sport and not quite sure what their final destination is going to be. And these ISUPs will definitely get you there, they’re suitable for pretty much anything other than competition. The different sizes are a major plus since you can use a smaller board for surfing or a larger one for more leisurely long distance rides. With these boards, it’s all up to you when it comes to where you want to go and how to get there. Along with the board, you’ll also receive a great little pump and a bag which holds everything together. The smallest model weighs only 18lbs, with the larger ones still being rather modest in weight at 21lbs a piece. The board ends up being super tough and durable due to the composite design. They still weigh enough to keep to board predictably in rougher water as well, which is highly desirable for those who are going to use theirs in the ocean. It also has a RAM mount, which will let you put specially made bracket accessories on the board without any difficulty. The biggest problem we found was that it doesn’t glide as straight as many touring boards do. For advanced riders, it’s hardly a problem, but beginners will find themselves having to pay a lot of attention to which side they’re paddling on to keep on the right path. In our humble opinion, the RIDE line of boards is a great way to get started for beginners and still a solid option for experienced paddleboarders who want a great board with versatile usage. Things We Like

  • The versatility of the RIDE boards is pretty much unmatched
  • Thick and versatile
  • Comes with everything included and a well-organized backpack-style carrying case
  • Great stability on the water, combined with a good amount of glide

Things We Don’t Like

  • The board doesn’t track straight at all times due to the three fin setup
  • It can be a bit of a trick to get it back in the pack when playtime is over


Red Paddle Co. 2018 Red RIDE Stand Up Paddleboard 9’8

UseAll Rounder
Width 31”
Load 175lbs
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Red Paddle Co. 2018 Red RIDE Stand Up Paddleboard 10’6

UseAll Rounder
Width 32’
Load 220lbs
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Red Paddle Co. 2018 Red RIDE Stand Up Paddleboard 10’8

UseAll Rounder
Width 34’
Load 265lbs
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Red Paddle Co. 2018 RIDE Stand Up Paddleboards

ModelRed Co
Red Co
Red Co
UseAll RounderAll RounderAll Rounder
Length9’8”10’6” 10’8”
Width 31”32’34’
Load 175lbs220lbs265lbs
Check Best PriceCheck Best PriceCheck Best Price