iRocker 10’ Sport Package 


  • Despite the relatively small size, this board can hold some serious weight.
  • The board tracks really well.
  • There’s a lot of glide here, surprising for a 10’ board.
  • The tiny bit of nose rocker adds exactly the stability you need.
  • Much easier to transport than most iRocker


  • It’s too small for many people.
  • As usual, the accessories are pretty mediocre.
  • Valve often needs to be adjusted.
For those a little bit too small to need the whole 11’ board, the iRocker Sport also comes in a 10’ variation which is also 30’ wide. It’s still got some hefty weight capacity though, bearing up to 350lbs.

One of the biggest things we noticed about the Sports package, compared to the others, is that they seem to carry quite a bit easier in the backpack. That’s good for those who have to hike their boards out a bit.

This shorter variation is pretty much the same, it’s mostly the rider which will determine which is the best for them. If you’re of average height and weight and can’t decide, however, we really like how agile the 10’ model is. A foot doesn’t seem like a lot… until you’re on the water.

Unfortunately, these boards still aren’t suitable for much other than straight paddling. If you’ve got yoga or fishing in mind then go with an all-rounder board. Sports boards are too narrow and usually have too little grip.

On the other hand, if you want a fast, agile, durable board which can hold an astonishing amount of weight then you’ll be in good hands with the iRocker 10’. It’s one of the best around for smaller riders, and it’s definitely got its niche figured out.