iRocker 10’6” CRUISER Package


  • The Cruiser is wider than average for a 10’ 6” board and extremely stable.
  • The triple fins track extremely well.
  • The slight nose rocker makes this board suited well for calm ocean touring
  • The long deck pad makes this board suitable for just about any calm water usage.


  • The board could be a little bit faster for its size.
  • It doesn’t have a ton of glide, you’ll be paddling quite a bit.
  • Pretty good chance to throw taller riders in choppy water if overinflated.
The iRocker Cruiser is a 10’6” board with 33” of width. It’s also capable of supporting up to 350lbs of weight by virtue of iRocker being able to be pumped up to around 23psi without a chance of failure.

The width of the board is a definite boon, keeping it nice and stable as you go down the river or along the beach. Unlike the All-Rounder package, the central fin on this particular model is quite long and adds a lot to the board’s tracking. It still has an overall “all-around” design, but actually works quite well for touring thanks to the length and fin configuration.

Like all of iRocker’s kits, it comes with everything you need. The problem is all of it is mediocre except for the paddle. The paddle is still a standout, the double locking design is awesome and you can convert it to a kayak paddle with the purchase of another blade for those who like to paddle while sitting down.

Once again, the backpack is a bit too large for smaller riders still. It’s doable, but it’s going to be a burden.

For long-distance cruises or touring, in general, this board is a standout. It’s long, stable, and scoots along quite well. The long fin is quite well balanced but you may want to remove it if you’re planning on hitting shallow water.

The best thing about this board is that it’s extremely stable. For off-coast touring, or riding on rivers, it’s hard to beat it without spending a lot more money. It’s not the fastest board of its size by any means, but things could be a lot worse.

The Cruiser package is great for touring and long, leisurely rides. It makes a suitable beginner board for larger people as well, but you may want to ditch the central fin if you’re riding near the shore.