iRocker 11’ Sport Package


  • The design tracks quite well, and it’s fairly maneuverable for an 11’ board.
  • The triple fin configuration is perfect for straight line runs.
  • The nose rocker is still here, leaving you with a lot of stability in minor chop.
  • Surprisingly agile for the length.


  • It’s not quite as quick as we’d like it to be.
  • The coating on the Sport models is particularly vulnerable.
  • The valve seems to like to suddenly leak some air when the pump comes off for unwary users.
If you’re a large person looking for a sporty package, then you’ll be in for a treat. This package board is streamlined and perfect for speedy applications while maintaining iRocker’s high weight capacity. 384lbs, in this case.

The board itself is 11’ long and 30” wide, trading off some stability in order to let you get quite a bit faster on the water. While we didn’t find it to be particularly fast for a sports board, it’s a definite improvement over the All-Around boards for those with a need for speed.

The central fin’s length on this board is a bit short, but with the board being a bit less wide it allows you to make sure that you’re moving along quite well.

The grip pad isn’t quite long enough for those who are planning on fishing or doing yoga, however. It’s also not quite as stable as the rest of the boards, but that’s to be expected considering a couple of inches lost in width.

With the needle nose on both ends it ends up being a pretty good ride, however, and we found it to be fairly agile as well. We still think it’s something of a beginner board, but if you’ve never bought a sporting paddleboard before and aren’t ready to commit to one of the higher end brands there’s something to be recommended for this relatively cheap package.

The iRocker Sport, in its 11’ variation has two main uses: it’s good for larger people who want a sportier inflatable SUP and it’s also great for those who want to get into racing and other sporty applications but aren’t ready to sink a ton of money.