Inflatable Paddleboard Uses

Inflatable paddleboarding is a great sport for anyone who wants to get out on the water. The range of paddleboards that are available is incredible, from beginner paddleboards up to advanced with speciality boards for fishing, racing, yoga and more. There is a inflatable paddleboard for everyone who wants to take part in this awesome sport.

Below we have a range of paddleboard uses, please check out the boards that you are into for reviews of the top paddleboards.

Sea eagle Inflatable Long Boards

Sea Eagle LongBoard Series The LongBoard series of inflatable SUPs is designed for all-around use in a wider variety of situations than the Needle Nose boards by sacrificing some of the speed due to the design differences. These boards come in two models, the 11’ and...

Sea Eagle Hybrids ISUPs

Sea Eagle Hybrids ISUPs

Sea Eagle Hybrid Pack Pros The Hybrid is a true all-rounder, suitable for many aspects of the sort The full-length rocker is perfect for a wide variety of water conditions Very rigid, durable design overall Padded flooring provides both comfort and...