Sea Eagle LongBoard Series

The LongBoard series of inflatable SUPs is designed for all-around use in a wider variety of situations than the Needle Nose boards by sacrificing some of the speed due to the design differences.

These boards come in two models, the 11’ and 12’6”. The boards are pretty much the same all the way around, being 6” thick and having an all-rounder design which is ultra-stable at 30” wide. All of this adds up to the perfect board for touring while still allowing you have some room for real speed.

This board has a nice overall rocker to it, a slight curve along the entire length of the board culminates in a 4” nose rocker and a 2” tail rocker to keep it smooth while you’re in rougher water.

Like all of the boards from Sea Eagle it has an EVA foam Diamond Pattern to allow for great foot-grip and superior control while you’re on the water. Like the Needle Nose, it also has a kick tail to allow for tight maneuvering. In this case, the maneuverability is simply outstanding due to the shorter length of the boards as well as the pitch of the hull.

It also has one super unique feature: the paddle pocket. This is a small flap of material which is placed on the aft of the board underneath the cargo section. You can thread through

This series of board is a standout example of what Sea Eagle has accomplished in just a short time since adapting their technology to inflatable SUPs from their kayak and dinghy models.

The LongBoard is extremely versatile in its usage, making a perfect inflatable for those who like to travel. Whether you’re carving waves on the coast, fishing in a lake, or gliding down a river it’ll perform great, the only thing you probably won’t be doing with it anytime soon is racing. We think it’s a solid trade-off for the average hobbyist.

Things We Like

  • This is, by far, the most versatile of the boards put out by Sea Eagle
  • The paddle pocket is a nice touch and makes it much easier to launch
  • The slight curve of the board is nice in choppy waters
  • The rear skeg can be slid out quite easily, allowing for easy storage

Things We Don’t Like

  • Doesn’t track quite as well as the Needle Nose boards
  • Not quite as stable as the Sea Eagle Hybrid

Sea Eagle long board LB126

Use All Rounder
Length 12’6”
Width 30”
Thickness 6″
Weight 29lbs
Load 250lbs
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Sea Eagle long board LB11

Use All Rounder
Length 11’’
Width 30’
Thickness 6”
Weight 25lbs
Load 200lbs
Check Best Price
ModelSea Eagle long board LB126Sea Eagle long board LB11
All rounder
All rounder
Check Best PriceCheck Best Price
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