Sea Eagle Inflatable Pattleboards

Sea Eagle has been in the inflatable game for a long time. Their original products covered inflatable boats and kayaks but they’ve recently begun to produce some awesome inflatable SUPsTheir expertise shows, as well, with a wide range of boards well suited for diverse riders and applications. Whether you’re looking to get into SUP yoga, touring, or fishing there’s always something there which will be perfect for you.Their designs tend to be pretty simple overall, less flashy than many but coming in solid on the qualities that make for the best inflatable SUP experience.They do have a variety of different designs made for fishing and kayaking, however, which makes these boards stand out in a big way.The price is right, so without further ado let’s take a look at the three main styles of inflatable SUPs that are produced by this longstanding company.

Sea Eagle Hybrid Standup Paddleboards

The Sea Eagle Hybrid Standup line of paddleboards is designed for both flat water and surfing. It’s a great board for beginners, especially those completely new to the sport who aren’t quite sure what they’re going to enjoy the most just yet.

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Sea Eagle Needle Nose Boards

The Sea Eagle Needle Nose is an all-rounder inflatable SUP with one big advantage: they’re extremely fast even for their length.

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Sea Eagle LongBoard Series

This is great for those who are into longer adventures or just want a board to cruise for extended periods. Also includes multi person model.

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Sea Eagle Stand Up Inflatable Paddle Boards for Fishing

If you’re looking for something reliable and sturdy to fish from, these paddle boards could be for you!

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Sea Eagle Standup Paddle Boards for Kayaking

This is a great model to choose from of your looking for a board thats good for kayaking as well.

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Sea Eagle’s expertise shows on both their niche boards and their three lines of awesome all-rounders. The cost is a bit higher than a budget model, but you get some of the best know-how in the inflatable game. Unless you’re looking for a true racing model, the brand is worth a strong look, especially for beginners who are looking for boards which are suitable for a wide variety of purposes.