Red Paddle Co. Inflatable SUP Board Reviews

When you’re looking for an ISUP, one of the first brands people will point you to is Red Paddle Co.

There’s a good reason for that: they make some of the best in the business. The price might be a little bit high, but if you’re seriously into paddleboarding then you can rest assured you’ll get the value squeezed out of every penny you spend.

They also produce a wide range of different styles. Everything from yoga boards to long distance all-rounders, to sports boards. They even have models suitable for tandem riding.

Their innovative technology brings boards that perform nearly as well as the solid models, while still offering you the flexibility of an inflatable.

We’ve brought you an overview of some of the brand’s selection, in order to get you acquainted with some of the best inflatable standup paddleboards on the market. There really is something here for just about everyone, it’s just a matter of knowing it’s there.

Red Paddle Co. RIDE Paddleboards

The Red Paddle Co. RIDE line of paddleboards is a great way to get started for beginners and still a solid option for experienced paddleboarders who want a great board with versatile usage.

For more information Red Paddle Co. RIDE Inflatable SUP Board

Red Paddle Co. SPORT Paddleboards

The Sport model is perfect if you’re looking for something sporty and quick.

For more information Red Paddle Co. SPORT Inflatable SUP Board Reviews

Red Paddle Co. VOYAGER Paddleboards

This is a great inflatable SUP for those who are into longer adventures or just want a board to cruise for extended periods. Also includes multi person model.

For more information Red Paddle Co. VOYAGER Inflatable SUP Board Review

Red Paddle Co. ELITE Paddleboards

If you’re serious about SUP racing, then the ELITE boards are exactly what you’ve been looking for.

For more information Red Paddle Co. ELITE Inflatable SUP Board Reviews

Red Paddle Co.’s Paddleboards For Whitewater, Yoga and Surfing

There are a lot of different designs available for niche usage available from this company as well. We took a closer look at some of them. 

For more information Red Paddle Co.’s Paddleboards For Whitewater, Yoga and Surfing


Red Paddle Co. continues to impress. They’re one of the leaders in the inflatable SUP market, and once you take a good look at their boards you’ll see why. Whether you’re a beginner looking to do some green water riding or an expert looking forward to competitive racing, you’ll be well-served by one of these boards.

Give them a shot, you’ll be in good hands with any of the boards that this high-end brand offers. The attention to detail, innovation, and advanced accessories all add up to a great experience, no matter who you are.