Sea Eagle Fishing Deluxe




  • Specialized fishing SUP
  • The FishSUP 126 is one of the most stable boards available, perfect for fishing
  • Accessories up to, and including, a motor are available to maximize your fishing utility


  • Expensive and extremely specialized
In addition to their normal recreational boards, Sea Eagle has an inflatable SUP for fishing. The FishSUP is a 12’6” model which is an even 40” wide to provide a stable platform for fishing while you’re riding it.

It can also support 350lbs due to its heavy duty design, so you’ll be able to haul as much gear as you want.

The Deluxe kit comes with the board, a seat, and a double paddle to allow you to maneuver your SUP like a kayak while you’re seated. This makes it much more versatile for fishing since you’ll have more control over your entire setup. It also comes with a storage box designed to make the most of the cargo compartment at the front of your board.

If you want to upgrade from the Deluxe kit Sea Eagle has you covered

The Swivel Seat kit is roughly the same as the Deluxe kit with two exceptions: the seat which comes with the board can be mounted and swivels a full 360°. It also has two extra rod holders for serious fishing potential.

And lastly, the Pro Motor Fishing Rig comes with everything in the Deluxe kit plus a small motor known as the Watersnake Venom 34. The motor is a quiet, lightweight device which is designed to give you the best fishing experience possible from a SUP.

Frankly, these Sea Eagle boards are some of the best fishing paddle boards we’ve seen anywhere.