ISLE Surf and SUP is a relatively new company, and they may not have the brand recognition of some of the bigger boys like Red Paddle Co., but they make a solid product with an entry-level price that puts them in a perfect niche for beginners with a tighter budget.

Their range of boards isn’t as varied as many of the companies out there, but when it comes to solid touring and beginner all-rounders at a fair price, you’ll be in good hands if you choose to go with an ISLE board.

Let’s step right in and take a look at some of their best inflatable standup paddleboard kits.

ISLE 10’ All-Rounder Inflatable Paddleboard Package

At an even 10’ long and having a 31” base, the ISLE 10’ board is an excellent all-rounder for beginners. ISLE makes a solid product, with military-grade drop stitching and a board which, when charged to 15psi, demonstrates virtually no flexing at all.

The board has a single cargo area in the front and great grip-tape to keep you on it. The rounded design doesn’t lend itself to a whole lot of speed, but it’s of the right length for just about anything you might want to accomplish while on the waves. Surfing, cruising, and exploring are all easily done with this board.

The fin setup is pretty standard: two small trackers and a larger, detachable fin which is optimal for keeping good tracking while you’re in deeper water. It just adds to the emphasis of the board on all-around usage.

It comes with the usual accessories: a pump, a backpack, and a paddle. They’re pretty standard, although they all carry ISLE’s branding. The whole package weighs about 21lbs when it’s all together, with the board only weighing in at 19”.

While advanced paddleboarders probably aren’t going to be overly impressed, the ISLE 10’ package is perfect for beginners. Add in the 30-day return policy and yearlong material warranty and it’s clearly one of the best options for those new to the sport we’ve found.

Things We Like

  • Length is suitable for a wide range of purposes, from surfing to touring
  • Detachable long fin to improve tracking, or let you ride in shallow water worry-free
  • Extremely lightweight and durable construction
  • Wide enough to keep stability even with small waves despite shorter length

Things We Don’t Like

  • ISLE’s pumps aren’t overly impressive, it takes a good amount of time to inflate
  • The board is a little bit slow for some people’s taste, even compared to other inflatable

ISLE 10’ All-Rounder Package

ModelISLE 10’ package
UsesAll Around, Fishing, Surf
Load 240lbs
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ISLE 11’ Explorer Inflatable Paddleboard Package

If you’re looking for something suitable for touring that isn’t going to break the bank, then the 11’ long, 32” wide Explorer board is right up your alley. It represents a large price increase over the 10’ package but the specializations on the board make up for it if touring is what you’re after.

There are a lot of little things that make this board stand out from its competition. The first thing the astute viewer will note is that there are two areas to tie down cargo, making it particularly suitable for exploring.

The package comes with everything you need, including a leash, pump, and backpack. There is also a paddle with it, although experienced paddleboarders are likely to want to switch it out fairly quickly for something a little bit lighter.

This board isn’t quite suitable for surfing, so you may want to go smaller if that’s your pleasure on the waves. On the other hand, the stable platform is great if you’re looking to get some fishing done and the double cargo compartments make it easy to haul all of the gear you need.

Add in the fact that the entire package weighs less than twenty pounds, and you’ve got a clear picture of why this is one of our favorite boards to get on the waves with.

The only real drawback is that the board is quite a bit slower than you’d think despite its length. This is a problem with all inflatable SUPs, but it’s particularly pronounced with this rounded and wide board.

For exploring, fishing, and touring it’s hard to beat the ISLE 11’ Explorer. It’s a functional all-round board, with just enough extras to make it particularly suitable for longer trips.

Things We Like

  • The Explorer is extremely stable due to its length and width
  • Two cargo compartments make this board ideal for longer trips
  • The kit comes with everything you need
  • Very light board and equipment

Things We Don’t Like

  • The board could track a bit better, even with the detachable fin it can be a bit of a pain to keep straight
  • This board is quite slow, even for an inflatable

ISLE 11’ Explorer Package

ModelISLE 11’
UsesExplorer, Touring, Fishing
Load 275lbs
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ISLE 12’6” Touring Inflatable Paddleboard Package


Serious touring needs a serious inflatable SUP, and this board shines there. It’s 12’6” long and 30” wide, with the standard 6” thickness accompanying all of ISLE’s inflatables. Owing to its superior length it is also capable of a good cruising speed, and the entire platform is quite stable while going through mildly rough waters.

Like the other boards we’ve taken a look at so far, it has a simple fin system: two outriding fins and a single longer one which improves tracking if you’re not at risk of hitting the bottom or debris in deeper water.

The length of this board makes it pretty much solely for touring usage. As a suitable platform for longer adventures it really stands out from the competition and it’s found an unexpected niche usage for Yoga but it’s a bit unwieldy for shorter jaunts.

That’s definitely not due to the weight but is more of a limitation which comes with the fact that most of ISLE’s boards simply aren’t super good when it comes to tracking. They’ll fly a straight course, but the rider is definitely going to be heavily involved in doing so.

Apart from that minor limitation, however, it’s a serviceable and affordable SUP which stands out in its category.

Those looking for a cost-effective inflatable SUP for touring will find themselves right at home with the 12’6” Touring board from ISLE, but for all-around usage, it’s a bit unwieldy and it’s not be the go-to board for beginners.

Things We Like

  • This is one of the most affordable touring boards we’ve found
  • Extremely stable platform with good grip
  • Kit comes complete with everything but leash
  • Extremely lightweight and portable despite the large size

Things We Don’t Like

  • The board is a bit slow for the size
  • Lack of rocker in the profile makes this board hard to recommend for ocean usage

ISLE 12’6” Touring Package

ModelISLE 12’6
Load 265lbs
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ISLE 10’6” Airtech Inflatable Paddleboard Package


If you’ve been looking for a board to get into SUP yoga, then you’ll be quite pleased with this 10’6” board from ISLE. It’s one of the most stable inflatable boards around and the cost isn’t very high despite the specialization included.

The board is 31” wide, making it suitable for more acrobatic aquatic activities. It actually maneuvers quite well and has decent tracking for such a short inflatable SUP as well, but the main usage for most people is going to be yoga or Pilates.

Unfortunately, it’s not particularly well suited for a lot of things: it lacks attachment points and cargo areas and while it’s serviceable for short jaunts it’s also a bit slow on the water.

If you’re looking to do shorter treks, or you’re planning on doing yoga on the water, however, there’s a lot to be recommended in the Airtech.

Things We Like

  • Perfect, stable platform for those who are into SUP Yoga
  • Low cost for a niche usage board
  • Comes with everything you need in the package
  • Very lightweight while supporting up to 255lbs

Things We Don’t Like

  • This board is quite slow on the water
  • There really aren’t any attachments for much other than the paddle, making it less useful for many purpose


ISLE 10’6” Airtech Package

ModelISLE 10’4 package
Load 255lbs
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Isle Inflatable Standup PaddleBoards 2018

ModelISLE 10’ package ISLE 11’
ISLE 12’6
ISLE 10’4 package
UsesAll Around, Fishing, SurfExplorer, Touring, FishingTouringYoga
Load 240lbs275lbs265lbs255lbs
Check Best Price Check Best PriceCheck Best PriceCheck Best Price


ISLE shines in bringing the best inflatable SUPs for the price. You shouldn’t expect this brand to work miracles on the water, and most of their boards are primarily suited for all-rounder usage for beginners, but the price is amazing for the quality of ride you’ll get. If you’re in the budget market for an inflatable SUP and don’t want to buy used, ISLE deserves a serious look.