iRocker 11’ ALL-AROUND Package


  • The board can support almost four hundred pounds. Enough said.
  • It’s extremely stable on the water, even more-so than its shorter cousin.
  • It tracks very well for its size.
  • Long enough pad for almost any calm water usage, including yoga or fishing


  • A little more glide would be expected with a board this size.
  • We really wish iRocker put as much thought into all of their accessories as the paddle.
  • The outer finish seems to wear off quickly, which is cosmetic but still annoying.
Much like its smaller cousin, this is a great entry level board for someone who’s just getting started with using inflatable SUPs. It’s 11’ long, 32” wide, and can support an astonishing 385lbs. That’s more than enough for even the largest rider and their fishing gear.

Like all of iRocker’s paddleboards, it’s remarkably stable on the water, sacrificing a little bit of glide in order to ensure that you’ve got a stable platform for whatever you might wish to do. The board is capable of holding up to 23psi for those particularly large folks and makes an excellent entry even for taller riders.

We’re still pretty stoked on their fiberglass paddles, which beat out most of the package competition, but we’ve said enough about the accessories already.

Instead, consider this board if you’re over 5’10” and looking for an affordable all-rounder board. The stability can make up for innately poor balance and while it may not have a ton of glide the triple fins do keep it tracking fairly well.

It’s not the lightest all-rounder out there, and transporting iRocker’s boards is never all that easy, but they continue to impress with the overall build-quality of the boards and their ability to manage even moderately choppy waters without getting too rough on the rider.

If you’re looking for an All-Around board that’ll keep you afloat, and you’re willing to work a little bit harder to get where you’re going, then consider the iRocker 11’ All-Around SUP. It’s a great board suitable for even the largest riders.